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Dragon 3D TestDecided to test out the new ZBrush 4 trial and a 3d model of the dragon for my iphone game at the same time. I’m considering ditching the 2d style largely for time purposes (inking the 2d animation just takes forever). Mostly just a test at the moment, but I’m pretty happy with it, so I may drag it over into Messiah and rig it up.


Into the Trees - Boy ConceptThis is the ever so creatively named “boy” character from the short I’m working on. He has changed drastically from when I last drew him, where he was a farm-boy in a tunic and a homemade bucket-helmet. The plot has moved in a slightly darker direction and now focuses on a boy who lives in a village near the edge of the forest going on his rite of passage into manhood. Hopefully I’ll have the script written and the rest of the characters designed in a few weeks.