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zombieRiseDecided to take a break from 2d for the night and did a quick zombie animation. The idea was to do a spawn animation as if it was a game, and see what I could do in a few hours. Ended up being a fun little exercise.


Thumb_AskGodI finally got around to “finishing” the 2d test I was doing a while ago. I took a dialog clip from The Count of Monte Cristo, and took a stab at animating it 2d. It’s somewhere between flash-animation and traditional 2d, which means I drew most of the frames separately, but there isn’t nearly as much inbetweening as there should be. That stuff is time consuming ;) Anyway, it was fun, and came out okay. I switched from uniform line width to variable half-way through, since for this exercise I was more interested in testing things out than consistency. Now to decide if I want to do my short in 2d or 3d… oh decisions, decisions…


Thumb_tableFightFigured I’d take a break from dialog shots and instead give a fight sequence a shot, and also play with some more complex camera work. I still have some polishing to do on it, but overall I’m pretty happy with it.


Thumb_Oct10This was supposed to be an October 11 Second Club entry, but I never got a chance to work on it until December. Still, I like how it came out. I wanted to keep it subtle, but interesting. I probably edged too close to subtle, but I’m still pretty happy with it overall.