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Current Version v0_7_3

Latest Fixes:
Maya 2011 support for picker

Script Instructions:


To install the pose library/picker (currently only the pose library and FK/IK Matching tabs are functional) you will need to follow the following steps:
1. Copy the contents of the included scripts folder into your $my_documents/maya/scripts directory.
2. Copy the contents of the included prefs directory into your $my_documents/maya/version#/prefs directory.
3. Make sure you chose the the right folders! There are several prefs directories… make sure it’s in the one under your maya version number (8.5, 2008, etc…)
4. You can now either skip to 4a, or setup the shelf by going to your shelves menu and choosing “Load Shelf…”, then select the goonRig shelf you just copied into the prefs/shelves directory.
4a. Open and execute goonRig_Picker.mel (you can alternatively set maya up to source this script on startup if you know how)
5a. Once all this is done, type “goonPicker;” into the Mel Command panel and execute the command. The pose library should come up.

I will make this a much simpler install file later once it is closer to final release, so for now I appreciate your patience.

Pose Library Use

The pose library is very simple, or at least I hope it is. For all I know it might just not work at all, so let me know. Ideally you’ll see four tabs that correspond to the four poseable sections of the rig. You can make a new pose, apply a pose, edit an existing pose, delete a pose or import and export a pose file. Just play with it, and hopefully it will make sense.
Things to note:
1. When editing or making a new pose, or if your icons get lost, the script will generate new ones. However, if your scene isn’t lit for rendering, they will just come out black. Add some lights and edit the pose to generate a non-black icon.
2. Export your pos file before closing the script if you want to save your changes. Each time the window is loaded it loads the default pose files ($my_documents/maya/version#/prefs/goonFiles/), so unless you save a new one your changes and additions will be overwritten.
3. Occasionally clean out your icon files. Any time you close the window without saving your pose file any unsaved icons will not be cleaned up and will remain in the icons directories ($my_documents/maya/version#/prefs/goonFiles/). Simple go into each folder and delete all the icons, then re-run the script to clean up. New icons will be generated, just remember to light your scene!
4. I’ll try to make this easier, and add some auto-save on close features and things like that. Remember, this is a beta, so if it works at all that’s a victory

I’ll update this post when new versions are available. Check the version number at the top of this post along with the time-stamp of my edit of the post to see whether there’s a new version or not.

This should work in Maya 8.5+ (maybe earlier, I just haven’t tested it) as long as you turn off the version checking when you open it up. Just so I’ve warned everyone, this is definitely beta. There are no helper scripts right now (though everything is accessible in the channel box) and there are probably a bunch of bugs. There is no body scaling yet, and the face shapes are first-pass… oh, and it’s huge. 30mbs uncompressed. I’ll try and optimize it later (probably a lot of needless history being stored) but for now I’m focusing on adding features. Anyway, hope you all like it. Feel free to post any comments or questions here, or to e-mail me at I might not get back to you right away, but I’ll try and keep up as best I can, as well as keep moving forward on the rig.

Enjoy… and hopefully it won’t break too badly with this first release Oh, and thanks to Morgan Loomis (norman rig) and the Animation Mentor team (Bishop), two of my inspirations while making this rig. Definitely haven’t hit their level of awesome yet, but it’s always good to have aspirations.