The Archaeologist First attempt at the character design for my game’s protagonist. The theme has changed pretty dramatically (though the game itself is still the same), and I think the change is a pretty positive one. Trying to decide just how “western” the character influence should be, so I’m unsure about the hat, but I like the rest so far.


Quick concept of Sledge’s minions, the Blacktide Mercenary army. Going for a standard mercenary vibe with them, and their shirt will likely be color tinted to denote different soldier types (along with weapon difference).


bossproto2Concept of a boss character for a game concept I’m working on. Obviously going for the big, dumb guy archetype.


Quick sketches of four possible character archetypes for a game concept. Possibly more later.

archtype study1faces study1


zombieRiseDecided to take a break from 2d for the night and did a quick zombie animation. The idea was to do a spawn animation as if it was a game, and see what I could do in a few hours. Ended up being a fun little exercise.